Take Your Kids out to a Salisbury Attraction

Have your kids performed well in school? Why not treat them to visit a Salisbury attraction this summer? Consider this as your way of introducing history to your kids, taking your kids to different spots in Wiltshire. Here are just few of the places your kids need to know:

Salisbury & S. Wiltshire Museum

Take Your Kids out to a Salisbury Attraction

On school holidays, there are free special events for kids. Kids can enjoy the incredible history from the house in The Close. Local museums amuse the minds of the kids where the City Hall frequently performs shows appropriate for all the family members.

Adventure Parks and Beautiful Farms

If you have inquisitive kids, then you should take them to Cholderton Rare Breeds and Farmer Giles to satiate their curiosity. Your kids will identify and interact with the rare animals where your kids can get up close, touch and feed these animals. Your kids can roam around and enjoy the outdoors and indoors play areas, ride on tractors and play areas. You can be assured that your kids will be occupied with many things here. Farmer Giles Homestead is an adventure farm where it is situated in a 40 acres land. It has tractor rides, exhibitions, and inside and outside play areas.

Great Big Tree Climbing

If your kids love to roam around and climb the whole time, you can check out the great big tree climbing. Zip lines and big leaps are just among the activities that you can do with your kids. Swing 60 feet above the ground and enjoy the exhilarating feeling.


This is one of the most beautiful Elizabethan style in stately homes in England built by Sir John Thynne in 1580. Its main decor is based on the 19th century designs with fine French furniture, Flemish tapestries and intricate ceilings done by John Dibblee Crace. You and your family can enjoy its main attraction, the safari park. This safari park is home to different wild animals that roam around in the natural parkland and woodland and is the first of its kind in Great Britain. Be prepared to see the park’s pride – lions. Hedge Maze, Jungle Kingdom, Railway, Pet Zoo, Adventures Castle, boating lake and children’s rides are some of the attractions apart from the safari park.

Your family’s summer days out will be surely well-spent with these attractions that are not only meant to be fun but are also great in re-introducing history.


A Guide On The Salisbury Tourist Information Centre

If you have plans to go to Salisbury as a tourist and you have no idea as to what you will do first, then you really need to visit or check out the Salisbury tourist information centre. We don’t want to confuse ourselves or just stay in the room of our hotel because we don’t know how to enjoy the whole duration of our time in Salisbury. The tourist information centre of Salisbury is award winning because of how it has provided their excellent service. It is able to help you make the most of your stay through its wide array of services. The following details below are the services of their reliable, friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you:

  • Reservations for your local accommodation and information on holidays are provided for free.
  • UK accommodation for superbreaks bookings.
  • You can get theatre and other event tickets with no extra fees for its bookings.
  • Bus tickets for Stonehenge tour.
  • Tickets for National Express.
  • Information and bookings on traveling by train.
  • Tickets for guided walks which also include ghost walks and city walks.
  • Tickets for Salisbury International Arts Festival.
  • Office services that you need.
  • You can also buy from their gift shop that sells locally produced quality crafts and souvenirs.
  • You may also want to talk to Salisbury information centre which is also able to assist you on the following:
    • Get some advice on what you can do and see around Salisbury.
    • You can get some books, maps and also other publications.
    • You can inquire about National Express Coaches.
    • They also have affordable souvenirs for sale.
    • You can also ask about Salisbury Playhouse, Arts Centre, City Hall, and Studio Theatre.

The tourist information centre is open on the following schedule:

  • April 2013 – September 2013:
    • Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    • Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
    • Sunday & Bank Holidays 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • October 2013 – March 2014:
    • Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    • Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
    • Sunday & Bank Holidays 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
A Guide On The Salisbury Tourist Information Centre

This can guide on where you can go first if you don’t really know how to enjoy your time in Salisbury. Their staff will be very happy to assist you in all the details mentioned above. You will be in good hands once you know what you want to do.


How to Select Real Estate Agents in Salisbury

Selecting the right estate agents in Salisbury can save you a lot of headache and stress that are usually associated in selling a property. When chosen right, this agent can help get a good price. Don’t jump into the bandwagon where people depend on estate agent who charges them the lowest commission percentage or offers the highest property valuation. Here are a few tips to get the best real estate agent and a good price for your property:

Scout Estate Agents

There are many ways to find real estate agents such as rummaging your local newspaper, asking recommendations from friend and driving around your area to see whose agents sell property locally (when I was recently looking for an estate agent in Pinner, I ran a Google search, incidentally, which is well worth a shot, too!).

After you have the list of your prospect agents, visit them as a buyer and see their customer service. This way, you would know how the prospect buyer of your property would feel with their customer service. Choose at least three agents for you to have wider views and ask them to do valuation.

How to Select Real Estate Agents in Salisbury

Estate Agents’ Regulation

Check if the agents you have the desire to work with are regulated. Ask if he is a member of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), Ombudsman for Estate Agents or the Guild of Professional Estate Agents (GPEA). This is to ensure that the agent you chose live to the code of conduct that these organisations have.

Savvy on the Market

Some of the estate agents do not have any idea how to sell in falling market. In this market, you should go for agent who has sold properties such as yours and was into business in the early 90′s. More so, ask the agent where he will advertise your property. Remember that most buyers go online to search for the property they want. Ask whether the agent will be on or other big property websites. Check for their websites too and ask if they advertise on the local newspaper.

How to Select Real Estate Agents in Salisbury

Ask for their Commission Rate

Agents usually charge between 1% to 2% for ‘sole agency’. This means giving one agent responsibility for selling your property. For multiple agency basis, you generally pay 1.5% to 2.5%. On the other hand, some agents charge you “fixed price” which means they would still charge you whether the property sells or not.

Although the agents sell your property, always remember that the decision whether to accept an offer or not still depends on you. Always remember that the agents still work for you.


Top 5 Restaurants In Salisbury

All restaurants have their own unique and distinct style in terms of menu, food service, and their overall interior design that gives a certain ambience which people really like. There are about 156 restaurants in Salisbury that the locals and travellers can choose from. But some of these restaurants really stand out because of excellence in food, service, value and atmosphere. Let us get to know the top 5 restaurants in Salisbury that are highly rated by the people who have been there. Below is the list that you can take note of:

  • Charter 1227 Restaurant – it is located in The Market Square, Salisbury. Prices for their menu can range from £10 – £25. They serve delicious British cuisines during breakfast or brunch, lunch, dinner reservations and after-hours.
  • Da Vinci – it is located at 68 Castle Street, Salisbury. They have been awarded with certificate of excellence for the year 2013. They serve Italian cuisines during breakfast or brunch, reservations and after-hours.
  • Anooka Restaurant – it is located at 60 Fisherton Street, Salisbury. Prices for their menu range from £3 – £37 and they serve Indian cuisines. They are open from Sundays to Saturdays 12:00 – 14:00 and 17:30 – 22:30.
  • Eastern Chillout – it is located at 99 Fisherton Street, Salisbury. Menu prices range from £3 – £31 and their cuisines are Greek, Mediterranean, Moroccan and Turkish.
  • Hox Brasserie – it is located at 155 Fisherton Street, Salisbury. They have also been awarded with certificate of excellence in 2013. Their price ranges from £20 – £25 and they serve Indian cuisines. They are open from Sundays to Saturdays 12:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 23:59.
Top 5 Restaurants In Salisbury

If you still haven’t visited these restaurants, you might want to check them out especially their delicious and amazing cuisines. They will not be highly rated by the locals and travellers if they do not deserve the attention. You will surely be pleased once you experience dining with them.


Encourage Patrons in Pubs in Salisbury

Running pubs in Salisbury is not all about fun and drinking. Behind the great buckets of beer and lively conversations, there lie tedious tasks to manage a pub. To encourage regulars, here are some tips:

Be A Gracious Host

Sure, you are tired of the punters ranting of everything from the weather up to their unbearable boss, but hey! Remember, that is what pubs are for. These days are the times when customers can demand as many beers as they want from morning to night. Make sure that you know what your customers want no matter what time of the day. These customers do not usually need pieces of advice, they just actually talk to no one in particular. Just make sure that you always have a cold beer ready.

Great Beer and Food

Encourage Patrons in Pubs in Salisbury

Remember that your customers go to your place mainly for the beer. Although great communication skill is a plus point, it is your main duty as a publican to know when and how to serve the beer. On the other hand, a good pub does not have to sell food to be great. In fact, there are pubs that thrive that sell drinks alone. However, selling food in the pub does not hurt and would even add profit. Is that a bad thing?

Good Entertainment

Encourage Patrons in Pubs in Salisbury

Back then, all pubs have live music which customers enjoyed while drinking down their ale. However, pubs can do without the hassle and paying for entertainers per night. Just like in the taste of drinks, customers also have unique taste when it comes to music. Always consider this.

Encourage Patrons in Pubs in Salisbury

If you really aim to encourage patrons to your pub, make sure that your pub offers basic facilities that are also decent. This does not necessarily mean that you offer state of the art facilities; just make sure to offer your guests serviceable and neat facilities.


Enjoy the Salisbury Weather with these Destinations

If you are a tourist who is excited as we are to see the Duke And Duchess of Cambridge’s little king, I guess your excitement might have been pacified by seeing how healthy Prince George is.

Summer is just rolling and with the Salisbury weather being hot, time to head to some nice locations to cool off and hide from the glaring sun. You need not go home yet after the royal baby hype as there are plenty of sights and things to do in UK such as visiting Salisbury. Here are just few of the historic and magnificent places you should check out:

Stonehenge Tour

If you plan to visit Salisbury, you should visit Stonehenge’s formation. No stay in Salisbury is satisfactory if you overlook visiting the Stonehenge. You can go for a “Stonehenge Tour” that travels from Salisbury and stops at Old Sarum. It then continues through the Stonehenge. The ticket of the tour is available all day which means that you can stop anytime and ride on another bus.

Salisbury Cathedral and the Parish Church of St. Thomas and Edmund

Enjoy the Salisbury Weather with these Destinations

If you love visiting religious places, then choose these two places. This cathedral is one of the finest medieval cathedrals in UK that has England’s tallest spire. The spire rises in 404 feet. Parish Church of St. Thomas and Edmund meanwhile transcends you to the medieval times with its incredible structure and architecture.

Enjoy the Salisbury Weather with these Destinations

Skydive South Coast

Enjoy the Salisbury Weather with these Destinations

If you are into adrenaline-rushing summer experience, then you can skydive at South Coast. Scream your fears and enjoy the summer this way. This is just near a cafй that serves great food and drinks that you are rest assured you have something to fill your stomach if you throw up in the course of the activity. Cool, isn’t it?


Property For Sale In Salisbury: Rough Price Estimates

Salisbury is known to be the only city in England and also the second largest settlement. So if you are looking for a property for sale in Salisbury, then you should expect that it’s not going to be that cheap compared to other properties that are also for sale in the different parts of the United Kingdom. Below is helpful information if ever you decide to buy a property in Salisbury.

Types of property with rough estimates:

Note: price depends on the number of rooms, size of property, location and all other significant factors that may greatly affect the standard pricing.

  • Houses
    • Detached houses – £120,000 (1 room) to £5,000,000 (6 rooms)
    • Semi-detached houses – £118,000 (1 room) to £700,000 (6 rooms)
    • Terraced houses – £118,000 (1 room) to £700,000 (5 rooms)
  • Apartments or flats – £80,000 (1 room) to £500,000 (4 rooms)
  • Bungalows – £170,000 (2 rooms) to £350,000 (4 rooms)
  • Land – £60,000 to £600,000
  • Commercial property – £40,000 to £3,000,000

The prices mentioned above are just based on a website’s properties for sale that is why exact prices are not mentioned since you need to check all the other important details such as features of the house, location, etc. In buying a property, you need to see to it that you understand the taxes that you need to pay and all the other processes that you should undergo. It is best for you to talk to a professional real estate broker in Salisbury to properly give you a guide on the steps that you should take before deciding to buy any type of property. It is highly recommended that you visit the location of the property for you to make sure that it is what you are looking for and what you need.


Renting Out New Homes in Salisbury

If you are one of those owners of new homes in Salisbury and you cannot sell your property at your desired price, why not rent it out? This is the best way to do while waiting for the market to go back up. You may have heard of unbearable tenants and the force evictions but once you do it right, you may discover that renting can be lucrative on your end. Here are just few of the advantages in renting out your home:

  • You can get tax advantages apart from the regular deductions of the taxes and mortgage interests.
  • Covers almost all of the mortgage payments where you don’t need to pay the entire amount every month. You can even get a profit from it if you have low monthly expense.
  • Apart from the extra income, you also get to apply for homeowners’ insurance policy. This can save you money especially since some insurance companies charge extra for unoccupied homes. Some will not cover unoccupied homes at all.
Renting Out New Homes in Salisbury

To save yourself some headaches, here are some tips when renting out your home.

Renting Out New Homes in Salisbury

Stand out From the Competition

Tenants are choosy and more attentive when it comes to a down market because of the increased availability of rental homes. Hence, you should stand out from the competition and make sure the amenities and facilities are worth the rent. Make sure that you set competitive price by identifying the prices around your neighbourhood. Tenants would scout for affordable price that is why you should make sure that your home will be considered.

Renting Out New Homes in Salisbury

Hire Professionals

Save yourself from legal matters and entrust it with professionals. This is to make sure that you abide by the tax law and local property. Legal officer will help you understand the landlord-renter law to you.

Renting your home out can be financially beneficial only if you are ready for the consequences associated with it.


Things To Remember When Looking For A Property To Rent In Salisbury

Are you looking for a property to rent in Salisbury? If you are, then you should consult professional real estate agents who can assist you in this matter. Whether it’s a house, an apartment or flat, a bungalow or a commercial property, renting through agents will make things easier for you and you will also be guided to the steps that you need to undergo. Below are details that you should take note when transacting with estate agents.

Things To Remember When Looking For A Property To Rent In Salisbury
  • Accreditation – you are safer with estate agents that are accredited with The National Approved Lettings Schemes (NALS) and Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) to ensure that they follow the standards and codes of practice.
  • Professionalism – they are able to provide quality service to their clients with integrity.
  • Staff – they have highly trained teams that can assist you and are willing to go the extra mile in serving you to achieve your needs.
  • Viewings – in renting, it is most recommended for you to view the property itself and the best way to do it is to be assisted or accompanied by the estate agents themselves.
  • Renting the property – once you decide to rent a property, you will need to fill out the referencing forms, present 2 kinds of identification and pay the holding deposit for the property. A tenancy contract will be made once you pass the referencing. If the moving-in date has been settled, you will be required to pay a deposit which is under the Government’s Tenancy Deposit Scheme. All the other details of process will now depend upon the terms of a real estate company.
Things To Remember When Looking For A Property To Rent In Salisbury

If you wish to know more about what the contract consists when renting a property in Salisbury, you should consult with a registered estate company only. Remember, never transact with company that has little experience, knowledge and no license at all to operate.


Always Have Your Own Salisbury Map

Heading out to Salisbury for a vacation with family or friends can be really fun. But it wouldn’t be fun at all if you do not know where you’re going. A Salisbury map is really what you need if you are new or a tourist to the place. Salisbury is known to have great attractions but once you have the map, you can definitely use it to make the most of your time in touring around Salisbury.

Always Have Your Own Salisbury Map

Actually, Salisbury is in a valley. The rivers that you will see in the map which flows through the city have been redirected together with its landscaping to provide water to the public gardens. To discuss more of its details, below is helpful information that you can take note.

Always Have Your Own Salisbury Map
  • Before going to Salisbury, you can easily print a map by searching it on Google.
  • The map will also indicate the restaurants and sites within the Salisbury area than you can visit. This is an advantage for you to plan ahead if you have your own map with you.
  • Maps can also provide the location of the hotels and the beautiful sites that you can go to.
  • Since there are over 2,000 streets in the Salisbury street map, you can only print a specific location to avoid any confusion.
  • You can also get maps from the Salisbury information Centre.
Always Have Your Own Salisbury Map

You will be able to enjoy your stay once you properly plan your vacation. A map is very important if you don’t want to get lost in a big city. You will also be challenged on where you can go and what you can do; it’s a great activity to bond with family and friends. Reaching to wonderful sites and other places in Salisbury is never impossible as long as you have a map with you.